Who are we?

Exigal develops products and services to better utilize the current environment and markets.

Our past experiences encompasses a range of areas and technologies, including machine learning, big data, full stack web-development, cloud-based systems and low-level coding in embedded systems.

We're available for consulting services and contracting work.

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Crowdcharging.se is a place where Swedish EV-drivers can crowdfund new charging-stations and jointly fill important holes in the EV-corridors.


Egotrip.se, an advanced route-planner for electric vehicles is now online. It utilizes the worlds most advanced route-planner engine for electric vehicles developed in-house. By optimizing which charging stations to charge at, travel-time of EV-trips is minimized.

Egotrip.se is helping EV-drivers in Scandinavia reach further and faster.


What do we do?

Current public projects